Festival Speakers

Event/Activity Name Date Time Location Target Audience Speaker/Presenter Description of Activity Bio
Music: A Means for Creating Total Health and Well-Being Sept 14 12 – 1 PM Longmont Museum Auditorium Everyone Faith Halverson Join a healing, fun workshop creating and experiencing music of all kinds. Faith Halverson-Ramos is a Licensed Professional Counselor and board-certified music therapist (MT-BC). She owns and operates SoundWell Music Therapy, a music therapy practice in Longmont focusing on mental health. Experienced in the therapeutic use of music throughout the lifespan, Faith helps people of all ages enhance their mental well-being.
When the Body Sings the Blues: Understanding Mental Health’s Mind/Body Connection Sept 14 1 – 2 PM Longmont Museum Auditorium Teens and Adults Flux This is how your brain works. As our understanding of mental illness grows, it becomes increasingly clear how little we know about the underlying causes. Though depression and anxiety affects more than 16.1 million and 40 million Americans in a given year, respectively, we are only just beginning to understand what bodily processes contribute to these conditions. In this talk, take a tour of the mind and body, from the past to the future to gain insights into the molecular, cellular, and behavioral mechanisms underlying immune-related mood changes.
Finding the Mental Health Care You Need Sept 14 2 – 3 PM Longmont Museum Auditorium Teens and Adults John Kellow and Brittany Dekoch Find out what to expect when you seek mental health care: From individual therapy to psychiatric hospitalization.
Vaping and Youth: Let’s Start With the Facts Sept 14 3 – 4 PM Longmont Museum Auditorium Parents and Teens with break out groups for each for last 40 minutes Brittany Carpenter, MPH Learn about the emerging health trends related to Vaping and direct mental health effects.
Nutrition for Mental Health Sept 14 4 – 5 PM Longmont Museum Auditorium Teens and Adults Dr. Christopher Lowry Find out how nutrition directly influences your mental health.
Reduce Anxiety and Depression: Be Active! Sept 14 5 – 6 PM Longmont Museum Auditorium Teens and Adults Dr. David Allen “Can being active reduce your anxiety or depression? Yes! But what kinds of activity, and how much is needed? Come join Dr. David Allen as he describes the latest research on how exercise and other forms of physical activity affect the brain.”
How To Create Mental Health Sept 14 6:30:08 PM Longmont Museum Auditorium Teens and Adults Panel Discussion with questions Discover how you can be the creator of your own mental health.