Music makes mental wellness

Compose mental wellness with music

Fountain of Hope dedication and MMT kick-off 09-01 01:00:00 PM St. Stephens Plaza, 500 Main Street Everyone   Please join us immediately afterwards for a reception at La Vita Bella, across Main Street.
Fountain of Hope 9-1 to 9-30 24 hours St. Stephens Plaza, 500 Main Street Everyone   If you or someone you know has thoughts of or expeienced loss by suicide, toss a coin in the fountain with a promise of many more tomorrows. Need a reminder of Many More Tomorrows? Take a Coin.
Stories of Hope and Healing 09-01 2-4 pm La Vita Bella, 471 Main Street Everyone–esp teens and up Cheryl Mlcoch, Clear Lighthouse; and Janaki Jane Come listen to others share their stories of hope and healing, and share your own. Learn how sharing our stories can promote healing, bust stigma, and move us all toward wellness.
Songwriting and Philosophy Workshop with Grey Havens 09-02 6 -8 pm Firehouse Art Center667 4th Ave, Longmont, CO 80501 11 to Adult Grey Havens Philosophy and local singer-songwriter David Coile Songwriting and Philosophy Workshop—An exploration of collaboration, creativity, and meaning through music, with local singer-songwriter David Coile. Ages 11-adult. Perfect for songwriters, musicians, and folks who think they can’t carry a tune. If music matters to you, this workshop is for you! Everyone asks themselves questions about their purpose in life, what is right and wrong, and what it all means. Taking part in a welcoming community where our deepest thoughts are heard and respected is an important part of mental wellness. Unleash your inner philosopher! Join Grey Havens Philosophy every Monday in September from 6-8 p.m. to explore the important themes of Longmont’s Many More Tomorrows Mental Wellness Month. Ages 11-adult. Drop-in, free. In partnership with Supporting Action for Mental Health, Soft Voices Drop-In Center, and Firehouse Art Center.
Creating Sound Wellness: Music for the Mind, Body, and Soul 09-04 10 – 11:30 AM Longmont Senior Center: 910 Longs Peak Older Adults Faith Halverson-Ramos, MA, LPC, MT-BC An interactive educational workshop on how music can promote health and mental wellness.
Sober Karaoke with the Random Neighbors 09-03 6 – 8ish PM La Vita Bella Anyone interested in a sober karaoke setting with a live band   A sober karaoke night featuring a live back-up band
Rock the Boat! 09-08 3 – 7 PM Union Reservoir All ages, family-friendly event Performers: Hazel Miller, Sheryl Renee, Coco Brown Benefit Concert to Prevent Teen Drug Use and Suicide
Art, a Matter of Mind: Neuroscience, Psychology and Mindfulness in Art 09-12 7 – 8:30 La Vita Bella 471 Main St, Longmont, CO 80501 Teens and Adults Flux In our modern world of smart phone cameras and Instagram, our connection with art is often distilled down to a single digital picture smaller than our fist. But what do we lose by collapsing our multidimensional world into a tiny, flickering, 2D image? Even when we encounter individual works of art in a museum or gallery, the average time Americans spend looking at a work is less than half a minute. How, in our culture of increasing distraction, might we truly connect with the beauty around us? What does that connection mean to how we connect with others?

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